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] Boat-related activities date back to 1810. The property has had several owners. In 1966, the property was transferred by notarial deed to the City of Beaconsfield. The land and its activities are managed by the YCB on behalf of the city. Club operations and maintenance of club infrastructure are paid for by membership dues. Anyone can become a member. The Beaconsfield Yacht Club is located approximately 20 kilometers from downtown Montreal. We are in the city of Beaconsfield (East region) and a short walk from the village of Pointe Claire. [/ Vc_column_text]


The YCB has a great view from Lac Saint-Louis. There is good depth at the entrance to the port. The Club has 240 members, a port for 160 boats and a dry dock for 80 boats. The club supports the municipality with their sailing course for young people; every summer, around 150 young people register for the courses. The club also offers sailing lessons for adults twice a week in the summer months. [/ Vc_column_text]


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Club members can enjoy the following facilities:

    • Magnificent club housed in a historic stone house with a covered terrace;
    • Catering services during the summer and partial during the off season;
    • A marina protected by a stone dike, with two entrances, allowing to accommodate boats of 36 feet (11 m) with bridges for each boat;
    • Showers and changing rooms, at the club and near the docks;
    • Large green spaces and covered picnic areas;
    • BBQ facilities for members and their guests;
    • Lifting and launching crane;
    • Workshop, fuel supply, work platform, emptying device;
    • Professional assistance on the docks;
  • Rampe de mise à l’eau pavée pour dériveurs et aires d’entreposage. Un treuil électrique est disponible pour les embarcations plus lourdes.

Le club a été honoré de 3 « ancres » par l’Association maritime du Québec.

L’executif & l’administration

André Lacroix


Claude Bourbeau

Claude Bourbeau


Louis Beaudoin


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André Leblanc

André Leblanc


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Michael Plesko


Terry Williams


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Philippe Dormoy



Victor Fangor

Terrain et bâtiments

John Deakin


david speak

David Speak


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Cara Dagenais

Administration du Club