The Executive and Administration

The Executive & Administration

The BYC 2022 Executive Committee

  • Claude Bourbeau
    Claude Bourbeau Commodore
  • Chris Cuggy
    Chris Cuggy Vice-Commodore
  • Christiane Hauseux
    Christiane Hauseux Rear Commodore
  • Martin Osterman
    Martin Osterman Treasurer
  • Ian Swain
    Ian Swain Secretary
  • Michael Plesko
    Michael Plesko Harbour Master
  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams Social Events Chair
  • Laurent Ricciardi
    Laurent Ricciardi Sailing Chair
  • Victor Fangor
    Victor Fangor House & Grounds Chair
  • John Deakin
    John Deakin Marketing

The BYC Administration

  • David Speak
    David Speak Club Manager
  • Cara Dagenais
    Cara Dagenais Assistant Manager

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