Our sailing school is the doorway into a lifetime of sailing and so much more! Nationally certified instructors. National program. Our non-profit Club offers an inexpensive wonderful learn to sail program for kids and adults with an adventurous spirit. As well as learning to sail you will make lifelong friendships and develop life skills for the future, all while doing one of the coolest sports. We provide the lake, the boats, the instructors and the location you bring the fun. Consult our different programs and register to learn at one of the best sailing training schools in the greater Montreal area.


Sailing lessons for childs

The Yacht Club offers several sailing programs and courses for children and teenagers.

Wet Feets

Ages 7-10 no experience necessary- GREAT PLACE TO START !

CANsail 1 & 2

Ages 10-14 little or no experience necessary- LEARN TO SAIL

CANsail 3 & 4

Achieved CanSail 1-2- KEEP LEARNING

Race Program

Achieved CanSail 3-4- JOIN OUR BYC RACE TEAM

École de voile pour enfants

Sailing lessons for adults

Several sailing lessons are offered to adults at the Beaconsfield Yacht Club. High level instructors will allow you to come with a master in the sailing field!

Adult 'Squadron' Learn to Sail Program

Adult 'Learn to Cruise Program'

Canadian Power and Sail Boating Course